Unlock repeat revenue

Repeat's Smart Replenishment platform is designed to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Built for consumer packaged goods brands

We power frictionless reordering experiences that are better & more delightful for your e-commerce customers, resulting in more repeat revenue for your business.


Replenishment Cart

Give customers a frictionless, personalized reordering experience with no account login required.

Seamless Onboarding

Set up is painless and fast. Few hours or less to get you up and running.

Ignite your repeat revenue engine

Combine rich customer profiles with powerful automation to deliver a delightful replenishment experience, every time.

Learn Cadence

We analyze all of your past, present and future order data, empowering you to learn the unique consumption rate of every SKU & every person

Increase Cart Size

With our product mapping technology, your customers get a fully-personalized replenishment cart complete with 1-click up-sells & cross-sells

Decrease Purchase Intervals

Decrease the time between purchases with smart notifications that enable just-in-time replenishment experiences

Extend Lifetime Value

An all-in-one platform designed to turn one-and-dones into repeat, loyal customers for life